Intro to Obserfy

Welcome to Obserfy! This documentation can help you to learn more on how to get started with obserfy and how to get the most out of it.

Key Features

Obserfy is an open-source Montessori record keeping software and parent communication tool.

We created it to reduce teacher's administrative burden and help bridge the communication gap between schools and parents.

Below are the 2 dashboards that we provide for you and its key features.

Obserfy for Teachers

Teacher's dashboard focuses on improving teacher's productivity. Teachers can manage all of your school's data that you store in obserfy from here.

You can access this dashboard by going to On this dashboard teachers can:

  • Record observations about students
  • Plan student's upcoming lessons
  • Track student's progress through the Montessori curriculum
  • Save pictures of student's activities

Obserfy for Parents

Parent's dashboard provides a simple, fast, and easy to use interface for parents and guardians.

Parents can use this dashboard to get guidance on how to execute lessons for their children at home and to keep track of their children's activities at school.

Parents can also report the result or progress of their children activities at home back to your school.

This is useful especially during the pandemic where students are required to stay at home most of the time.

You can access this dashboard by going to Here parents/guardians can:

  • See observations
  • See lesson plans
  • Post observations related to the lesson plans
  • See photos uploaded by teachers
  • Upload their own photos

Getting started

Here are some resources to get you started: