Giving access to parents and guardians

Parents and guardians can see and interact with their child's data through the Parent's Dashboards.

Their access to a student data will be tied to the email address that they used to register.

To get access to Parent's Dashboards they will first need to sign up for an account using an email that they own.

Steps (for parents/guardians):

  1. Open the Parent's Dashboards.
  2. Click Sign up
  3. Fill the form and click Continue

Note: After they finish signing up for an account, they won't have access to their child's data until their email is assigned as their child's guardian by you or any member of your team on Obserfy.

Creating a new guardian in Obserfy

To give parents/guardians access to a student's data, you'll need to assign them as the guardian of that student.


  1. On the Teacher's Dashboard, open the Students tab.
  2. Click on the student which you would like to assign a new guardian.
  3. Click on the Profile button.
  4. Click Add on the Guardians Card
  5. You can than create a new guardian or pick an existing one. Make sure the email of you set here is the same as the one being used by parents/guardians to login to the Parent's Dashboards
  6. Click the Add button when you finish filling the form or picking a guardian

Opening the parent's dashboards

There are a few ways for parents/guardians to open the Parent's Dashboards.


You can instruct your student's parents/guardians to open the Parent's Dashboards through and clicking Sign In as Parent.

In practice, we've found that this might be a little confusing for parents/guardians since our landing page design is targeted more towards teachers and schools.

For example, they sometimes mistakenly register to the Teacher's Dashboard instead of to the Parent's Dashboards.

Through your school's website.

Another option is to add a login button/link on your school's website that points to directly.

Depending on the design of your website, this can be more straightforward since the context should be clearer, and the chance of clicking the wrong button should be smaller.